Dayglow OH

Act I: The G.U.N. on the Mantle

The Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) is a techno-religious organization operating across the ruins of post-war North America, with its roots stemming from the American military and the government-sponsored scientific community from before the Great War.

Roughly 15 years ago, the members of the Brotherhood began disputing amongst themselves over the need for new recruits versus their secrecy as an organization. The elders ruled against sharing the technology with outsiders, convinced that they would endure what they had before. Further discussion was discouraged when the elders ordered the minority who wished to share their technology on a mission across the wastes. The Brotherhood constructed airships and dispatched the minority East, to track down and assess the extent of the remaining super mutant threat. However, as they traveled over the Big Empty a great storm broke the airships and flung them far and wide.

One ship crashed near the ruins of Champaign, Illinois. The only survivors were three initiates and one Scribe. These four continued tracking one of the groups of Super Mutants, but didn’t have the manpower or firepower to assault them directly. Along the route, the four picked up new people, each one a survivor of the Super Mutants coming through.

The Super Mutants eventually stopped when they came to Ryder-Patton. The Brotherhood survivors and new recruits, now identifying themselves as the Steel Legion, set up a stronghold to the west. They still don’t have enough manpower or firepower to take down the remaining mutants, so they wait, gathering information, equipment, and new talented recruits.

Prologue: Hired Guns

As you were heading back to Aeon, Gunbunny, Doctor, and Zeal Zealothunter began to show effects of radiation poisoning. Atherton paid you, and implied there’s other jobs available, but Doctor wanted to get back to the medical lab at Vault 95.

You passed by Oil Springs, giving the old college building a wide berth. You passed a small group of ghouls heading north. After a brief chat, you found out that they’re Omegan missionaries, heading to Oil Springs for reasons both diplomatic and religious.

You head into Vault 95, and barter services for medical treatment for the two wastelanders who need it. The rest of you head for the Television Station, and plan to come back in a few weeks to pick up the others.

As you pass Van Buren, you see several corpses scattered around the entrance. The town guard says that it was a Vandal raiding party trying to catch the gates wide open for one of Elois’ bigger caravans of weaponry to pass through. The Vandals were repelled, but many Van Buren citizens were killed.

You worry about the Television Studio, but as you approach, everything looks normal. However, the vault door is standing open. You investigate inside, and find the corpses of Amarita, and Knives. Each are missing their left eye. The computer systems have been rifled through, and some of the smaller computer modules are missing entirely. The computer running the water/air purifiers and the food dispenser seem to be functioning normally, but you have no terminals to output diagnostics.

You bury the dead in the tunnels. As you seal up the vault, you realize that the inside of the door has been graffitied. It’s a series of three concentric rings, forming a bullseye.

A few days later, you are all awakened by a proximity alarm that Kort rigged, and the sound of the vault door opening. As you all gather to investigate, heavily armed, you soon realize there is no threat, and the door must’ve been opened from inside. Lucas Delacroix is missing.

Ace and Kort begin to fortify the tunnels, the Television Vault, and the building above.

Lucas Delacroix
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA do I get to be a steampunk dreadpirate in this campaign too?

(GM) wat
Lucas Delacroix Oh. Last campaign I was kidnapped in I ended up in some other dimension where I became a dread pirate. However, the campaign didn’t take place on sea so I captained a floating steampunk airship. It was pretty cool.

Zeal Zealothunter Do I die of radiation poisoning?
(GM) Nope. You just have to trade work for medical care at V95. You and Gunbunny end up helping build some sandcrete walls and buildings for a while. Only ones who are dead are Knives and Amarita. WHICH DOESN’T MEAN THE PLAYERS ARE DISINVITED.

Zeal Zealothunter I am amused that her unofficial official name is Knives.
(GM) I don’t think she ever had a name, or at least not a stated name.
Zeal Zealothunter Hence Knives.
(ACE) Ok… so what do I do…. Do me and Cort spend a couple of months messing with the truck?
(GM)Since you’re the only two there, you’d probably work on fortifying the place first. You can salvage enough misc items to get sandcrete to fill up the surface exit of the tunnel.

Post 1 in the not-memoir of Zeal Zealothunter
SANDDATE 21:42 03/11/2177

Post 1 in the not-memoir of Zeal Zealothunter, Amateur Land-Pirate, God’s Magnum Opus and Asshole Extraordinaire


“Ugh, my damn head ‘urts cause of that flamboyantly bitch-riffic whacker. I think Cap’n Shit-Truck said ‘er name was Vera or Vira or somethin’ like that. Wouldn’t even buy me a drink afterwards. So I made some “empty” threats, no need to go all gun-whack on me poor, beanie-adorned forehead. And, o’ course, now I got to work with ‘er on this mission to find a T.V. transmijigger. I asked around at the bar and these damn things are huge! Like, bigger than aforementioned shit-truck’s bed big! Don’t know how this group will manage to fit as a group. Plus, this ragtag group o’ loons couldn’t be worse to work ‘gether. We got a snooty fancy-gadget-toting, hard-to-understand doctor, a goody two-shoes who chances are is the only one I won’t hate when I die (that’s real humor, the asshole’s only friend is the “good” guy), a crazy (crazier than me) tinkererer who got me head whacked, a gun-crazy psycho-bitch who whacked me, a dick sniper named Lukas (who, the second I fell unconscious, tried to pocket one o’ me fraggers), a horrible prostitute, and a mysterious name-less knife-wieldin’ girl (to be mentioned as “Knives”). And then mine self, shining, perfect model to the kiddies. ‘Hey son, don”t end up like him or else I’ll kill ya me self.’ So, if we don’t make it out alive, my only regret is not bashing Weirda’s head in with one o’ me fraggers and I hope one of you will fulfill my dying/already-dead-by-the-time-you-read-this request. Give one o’ my remaining fraggers to Doc Wizzard and the others to Lukas. With the pins pulled. I expect a coffin made of fine corpses I made myself and to be buried as a bomb in enemy territory. To die as I lived, kicking enemy ass. Welp, Cap’n Shit-truck is signaling me to shut it or I’m walking to the transthing. This has been Zeal Zealothunter’s not-memoir. Our motto is ‘If we’re not dead in a week, you’ll have to suffer through more!’”

Vault 95 conversation 2

“…Now if you need guns, Godwin is the place. That’s about all they have, though. Guns and junk. And ‘Bybells’. I asked them about that book once. It seems no one had brought their bibles with them, so, while they were surviving, they re-wrote the bible from memory.

And stay away from their Fun Gin. That stuff tastes like an old boot, and kicks harder. I had a mugfull once. When I came to, I was out in the wastes, naked, and talking to the spirit of an undetonated bomb I’d discovered.”

-Elois, caravan leader to George Benson, Overseer of Vault 95, in the fall of 2177.

Vault 95 conversation

“You wanna know what’s out there? Ain’t much. We run a caravan between the only places left that are worth a damn.

Omega is the closest settlement to you. I wouldn’t really say anyone survived, though. They’re all Zombies. Fairly civilized, though, except it’s some kind of cult. They call themselves the Redemption Temple. They’ll trade, though.

Van Buren is to the west. You’ve probably picked up their radio station, VBR, if you’ve been scanning the AM band. They’re holed up in an old fortified shopping mall. And it shows. They do more trade than the rest of the wastes combined.

North of Van Buren is Dayglow. I guess that was the center of the city before the bombs. If you got a deathwish, that’s the place to go. If the radiation doesn’t kill you, all the shit living there will.

Northeast of Dayglow is the ruin of the Ryder-Patton army base. Whatever lives there ain’t human, and it ain’t zombies. Those things are huge, and so are their guns. Give that place the stinkeye from a safe distance, and keep going somewhere else.

Somewhere northwest of that is the Vandals. They’re human, but you don’t wanna meet them. They’ll kill you or kidnap you just for fun.

Now, pretty much straight north of you is the town of Aeon. They come from a vault, too, but they’re kinda dicks. They trade, but they bitch and haggle for hours just to save a few scrip on a handfull of ammo. The place they built is pretty secure, though.

Way out east of Aeon is Springfield. It ain’t really a town, not since the war. The radiation there makes Dayglow look like a nightlight. But it didn’t come from the bombs. They had a nuclear power plant there that melted down during the war. A lot of the buildings are more or less intact. If you can find a way to beat the rads, there’s probably a lot of good stuff just laying around.

About the only other place worth mentioning is Oil Springs. It’s sort of northeast of you. They’re a bunch of primitives, but damned if they don’t end up with a lot of fresh food to trade. If you can put up with their mystical gibberish, they’ll trade food for other supplies.”

-Elois, caravan leader to George Benson, Overseer of Vault 95, in the fall of 2177.


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