Dayglow OH

Vault 95 conversation

“You wanna know what’s out there? Ain’t much. We run a caravan between the only places left that are worth a damn.

Omega is the closest settlement to you. I wouldn’t really say anyone survived, though. They’re all Zombies. Fairly civilized, though, except it’s some kind of cult. They call themselves the Redemption Temple. They’ll trade, though.

Van Buren is to the west. You’ve probably picked up their radio station, VBR, if you’ve been scanning the AM band. They’re holed up in an old fortified shopping mall. And it shows. They do more trade than the rest of the wastes combined.

North of Van Buren is Dayglow. I guess that was the center of the city before the bombs. If you got a deathwish, that’s the place to go. If the radiation doesn’t kill you, all the shit living there will.

Northeast of Dayglow is the ruin of the Ryder-Patton army base. Whatever lives there ain’t human, and it ain’t zombies. Those things are huge, and so are their guns. Give that place the stinkeye from a safe distance, and keep going somewhere else.

Somewhere northwest of that is the Vandals. They’re human, but you don’t wanna meet them. They’ll kill you or kidnap you just for fun.

Now, pretty much straight north of you is the town of Aeon. They come from a vault, too, but they’re kinda dicks. They trade, but they bitch and haggle for hours just to save a few scrip on a handfull of ammo. The place they built is pretty secure, though.

Way out east of Aeon is Springfield. It ain’t really a town, not since the war. The radiation there makes Dayglow look like a nightlight. But it didn’t come from the bombs. They had a nuclear power plant there that melted down during the war. A lot of the buildings are more or less intact. If you can find a way to beat the rads, there’s probably a lot of good stuff just laying around.

About the only other place worth mentioning is Oil Springs. It’s sort of northeast of you. They’re a bunch of primitives, but damned if they don’t end up with a lot of fresh food to trade. If you can put up with their mystical gibberish, they’ll trade food for other supplies.”

-Elois, caravan leader to George Benson, Overseer of Vault 95, in the fall of 2177.



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