War never changes.

The end was rapidly approaching. Whether it was greed, or hate, or simple bloodlust that caused the war, fear saved us. We hid like scared mice, waiting for all of our small lives to end for good. Small handfuls of humanity survived, though.

Some embraced their humanity, and began to rebuild. Some were overtaken by their vices. And some people just kept hiding.

Even after all the destruction, envy and anger soon led to violence. Two men fight to the death for a mug of water. Gangs destroy towns. The faithful force conversions at the point of a sword.

Our differences very nearly extincted us, and we’ve learned nothing from our mistakes.

Even the Earth was angry, sending forth new, primal animal spirits of rage to finish our extinction. The Earth had bathed in the cleansing fire of war, and came out changed. But war…war never changes.

-Ron, resident of Omega.

Dayglow OH

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