Van Buren



South of Dayton, Van Buren could not have been a more typical suburb. Men went to work in offices, women were wives, and kids chased the ice cream truck.

Though many of the pre-war structures are in ruin, several of the buildings on Main Street are relatively intact. These buildings have been fortified and walled with a thick sand-crete layer (shown by the white lines below).

The town issues its own money, in the form of Van Buren Scrip. 10 Van Buren Scrip is worth about one cap. There is a fee of 5% to convert caps to scrip.
Van Buren has a Police force of 25 people, equipped with combat armor, .32 pistols, and assault rifles. The police force also has one sentry bot, and three Mr. Gutsys. They ensure the town remains safe and orderly.
Van Buren Radio has a standing bounty of 100 Van Buren Scrip for each intact pre-war recording of music, radio shows, or blank holotape. It also makes recordings of poem readings, pre-war book readings, music, plays, and other entertainments. It pays between 10 and 200 scrip, sometimes more.
The outdoor market has six large tents for the trade caravans. Usually at least one caravan is here, with its merchandise available for purchase.
Brahmin field is a large pen for the towns Brahmin, and Brahmin Industries sells Brahmin milk, Brahmin leather and leather products, and Brahmin cheese.
The area between Brahmin Field and the market is full of small tents that house residents that don’t have space in the apartments.
The permanent business area is an indoor market that holds the towns cafeteria, bar, weapon shop, doctor, barber, stage, whore house, and general goods store.
Total population – 250 humans permanently, usually between 10 and 100 caravan crew housed.

Van Buren

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